Pixie Minx

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Today on Ghetto Gaggers we have Pixie Minx, a short light skinned submissive whore with a badonkadonk, junk in the trunk, the straight up ghetto booty. Oh yes, this scene is a win all around. To start off, Pixie Minx is pretty fucking cute and we all know that’s not the ‘norm’ on Ghetto Gaggers. She’s also never done a porn scene before and for someone without any experience, she nailed one of the hardest scenes and looked hot while doing it. Oh and today wasn’t just the first time she’s been with 2 guys at once, it’s also her first time being with a white guy. This ghetto whore is now hooked on the white dick. Her fantasies of being smacked around, spat on, choked, and treated like an animal were turned into reality for her today. She’ll never have to wonder again about how it feels to have a white guys cock shoved down her throat until she pukes. Or how it would feel to have that same dick pound her black pussy. I think we stole this sista from the brothas, sorry!

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Carmen Capri

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Carmen Capri is down right hot with huge tits who yearns to make the coin. I’m sure she came up with an action plan on how to do that and at the top of her list is FaceFucking.com. This whore walked in trying to act like she was some strong independent woman when in reality she’s nothing but a big crybaby. As soon as a hard dick was shoved down her windpipe, her charade vanished and the true wimp was exposed. When will these whores learn that no one gives a shit about their misery? In fact, the more misery they go through, the better. The guy’s went ape shit on her passing her back and forth while shoving their cocks down her mouth in a nice round of throat devastation. Carmen didn’t stop the damn waterworks until she had a hard rod shoved in her cunt. This bitch loved having her pussy pounded so rough that she came like 4 times. She should consider that as her reward for being a good submissive twit.

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London Blaq 2

Friday, November 14th, 2014

London Blaq is back at Ghetto Gaggers for some more punishment. Seriously, there has to be something wrong with this hood rat because her first shoot was only a few weeks ago. I guess she likes to be used and abused. As you know whenever a whore comes back for another shoot, the guy’s always try to do one better than the first time. Well the most extreme this cunt was willing to go was double vag which is pretty sad in comparison to how other whores have stepped up. So because she asked for it, Pauly and Gio shoved their hard white meat sticks up her pussy and fucked it hardcore. It doesn’t surprise me how easily their cocks fit seeing as she’s NYC’s premier hood rat.

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Lola Summers

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Lola Summers is a petite 104 pound blonde slut who you’d expect to run off the set of FaceFucking. Just remember to never judge a book by its cover because Lola didn’t go running and proved everyone wrong. This little whore is like a god damn Timex…she can take a licking and keep on ticking. Damn! Granted this about all she has going for her as she possesses zero personality and is quite lacking when it comes to IQ points. Thank fuck she’s got a cunt and can use that to make some cash otherwise she’d be out on her ass. It’s impressive to watch her take huge dicks down her throat seeing as she’s got a small little head. I’m not sure just how they fit, but hey, practice makes perfect right. It was like Christmas morning for both guys when this fresh piece of ass came walking in.

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Miguelina Acosta

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Miguelina Acosta is a chubby Latina whore who wants to embarrass her family and has chose LatinaThroats as means to do so. This chick may have huge boobs, but someone needs to teach her how to shave her pussy properly. I’ll give her this though, she nailed this scene. Miguelina gagged on hard Gringo meat until she puked all over herself. By the way she can suck a cock to the balls you can tell she’s had a good amount of practice doing it. It’s amazing the enthusiasm these whores have when there’s a paycheck hanging over their heads. The guy’s pounded her cunt hard and deep then unloaded their man sauce all over her dumb face. What makes this even more awesome to watch is the fact that Miguelina HATES eating cum. HA! Stupid whore..what did she expect?

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Sasha White

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Sasha White has one goal in life and that’s to be a porn star, but no one wants to fuck her. This will prove to hinder her dream. With a face like Cuba Gooding Jr. even her big natural tits can’t help her. It didn’t take long for this ghetto whore to spew vomit like a volcano. She barely gagged on a cock and she erupted. The amount of chunky puke that came out of her will surprise you. Man this Ghetto Gaggers scene is gross. I’d tell you what happens after the puking, but that’s something you’ll have to watch for yourself. All I’ll say is that Sasha White has an anything goes attitude. If her face and body weren’t so beat up she could actually go far in porn.

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Jesse Taylor 2

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

So the FaceFucking.com fans asked for Jesse Taylor to return and she has. She’s come back to push her limits even more in an epic squel. We also know that you fans like the messy scenes and this is one hell of a messy one. Her first time around she managed to not empty her stomach all over. However this time it wasn’t just her puke all over the floor, it was her dignity too. Harker and Gio were so revved up that they couldn’t wait to get their second chance at this pretty little slut. The amount of punishment dished out on her will amaze you. Like ferocious wild animals the guys shoved their cocks down her throat until she spewed as they spat on her face and tried to smack some sense into her. When the scene was over, Jesse was asked how she felt about this time around. “I liked the first time better” was her answer so you know that really means, “Today was MUCH rougher”. This scene fucking rocks!

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Kayla Ivy

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

This is Kayla Ivy’s porn debut and she travelled to New Jersey from California for it. When you think about it, that’s a long ass way to travel just to make your debut on Ghetto Gaggers. I don’t think she packed her bag with anything more than her daddy issues. Apparently she’s never really known her dad so she’s developed some resentment towards men. Like that’s not a obvious reaction to that type of situation. Boo Hoo, cry me a river bitch. This ghetto skank even had the nerve to lash out, what a stupid fuck up on her part. No worries though, Pauly Harker and Gio swiftly put this bitch in her place. Having hard white dick shoved down your throat until you vomit has a way of humbling a person. Oh and did she ever puke, this is a messy scene. Kayla Ivy also had those white schlongs shoved up her ass hard and fast. I’m sure this ass fucking was nothing in comparison to the handful of other times she’s had a cock up her butt. By the time the guy’s were done pounding her black O ring, it gaped really nice. To end the events off, her face was covered in massive loads of cum.

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Desiree Lopez 2

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

So Desiree Lopez decided to come back to do another shoot for LatinaThroats.com. The first time around she was up against Gio, but this time the AVN award winner Tommy Pistol joined Gio to reduce this slut into an empty soul. Thanks to this 2 man wrecking crew, the bar was raised to epic proportions and is way more messy and intense. Tommy and Gio shoved their hard cocks downs this hoe’s throat until the puke came flowing out. After that they pounded her cunt until the bitch screamed. Yes, she’s a screamer so consider this your warning. You know LatinaThroats.com is awesome and this scene proves it.

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Baby Girl

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Baby Girl is a petite 19 year old who weighs in at a whopping 88 lbs. She’s a newcomer to the porn industry and decided to expand her sexual horizons by doing a shoot for FaceFucking.com. She’s also a novice when it comes to taking a dick in her cunt, she’s only been with 2 guys in the past. Today she’ll be able to put 2 more notches on her bed post. Now when you look at her, she looks like the type that’s going to give up and run away screaming, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Baby Girl not only didn’t tap out, she finished the scene and proved shes can handle the rough shit. Watching her take cocks down her throat that are almost as big as her head is awesome. Seeing her gag and puke is even better.

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