Innicent The Uneducated Whore Does GhettoGaggers

Today on Ghetto Gaggers we have Innicent. No, that’s not a typo that’s how this uneducated hoodrat actually spells her name. People like her need to be stopped from naming anything. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter too much as she’s a waste. Kind of sucks that she has such a hot body yet her face is paper bag worthy. This whore can’t even deep throat a cock for fuck sakes, her game is just that fucking terrible. The guys were asked how it felt to shove their dicks down her throat and they said it was basically like shoving their cocks into a wood chipper. What can this skank do? Well she can take an anal pounding like a boss. I’m guessing this is what she does back in the hood for fun. Innicent is delusional because there’s no way in hell she’ll have a future in porn. Not only was her self worth destroyed, her rep was thrown out the window.

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Tay Vanity The Naive Broad Does FaceFucking

Meet the fucking 19 year old train wreck otherwise known as Tay Vanity. This dumb broad thinks she’s ready for Face Fucking after only having sex 4 times in her life. Are you fucking kidding me? It’s like the younger they are, the more stupid they are. Tay had a horrible face fucking experience thanks to Bootleg and Pauly. They really nailed this whores face by shoving their huge cocks down her windpipe. With every thrust the sounds she made became more retarded. I guess you could say it sounds like a face fucking exorcism. Her lack of sex skills really shine through and resemble a baby giraffe learning to walk…all clumsy and awkward. Yet, she thinks she can make it in porn. Her tiny little asshole was given a special treat, it was pumped until it was wide open and she screamed for mercy. As a parting gift and a reminder of her FF time, she was presented with 2 huge loads all over her face.

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Raven White Can’t Handle Ghetto Gaggers

This Ghetto Gaggers scene with Raven White is going to leave you saying, “What in the fuck did I just witness?”. This skinny hoodrat is new to porn and there’s no doubt that this is going to be her one and only video. This malnourished whore with pancake tits is not cut out for this abuse. She had the audacity to hate every second she had a white cock stuffed down her throat. It was the same thing when it came time to have her ebony snatch pounded. Her breaking point was having loads of cum dumped on her face. She actually ran off in tears. Boo Hoo bitch, you can’t take a face fucking, a cunt fuck, or a damn facial and you think you’re going to make it in porn? Sucks to be you.

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Laci Hurst Face Fucked & Degraded

There are times that a whore shows up at FaceFucking and you take one look at her and say to yourself, “What the fuck is she doing here?”. That’s exactly what happens when you look at Laci Hurst. I guess she’s desperate and really needs the money otherwise she wouldn’t be whoring herself out. Laci is full of surprises, for starters she knows she’s nothing more than a bunch of fuck holes and secondly, she can take the abuse. The guys pumped her throat deeper and deeper until it was destroyed. Laci is awesome at being face fucked, I suspect she’s an undercover freak. One of the biggest surprises was that the guys actually complimented her cunt saying it was sweet. That right there barely ever happens so I guess she’s got a nice pussy. Reality didn’t hit her until she was sitting there with cum dripping down her face. You can see the sadness in her eyes grow as she realizes just how much she was degraded and humiliated.

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Ashely Luvbug Returns To GhettoGaggers

Ashely Luvbug is back on Ghetto Gaggers for the third time. You know we don’t ask the girls to come back that many times unless the fans enjoy their scenes. It was a no brainer when it came to asking her back, she rocks at this shit. Today she got to meet Bootleg who gave her a visit to remember alright. Things got messier than before and the humiliation factor was off the charts. Ashely had her petite frame destroyed by Bootlegs hard cock. They smacked the shit out of her, gagged her, and fucked her while she relished every moment. Ashely Luvbug is one hell of a depraved whore so maybe we can get her to come back for a 4th round gangbang.

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Elizabeth Thorn Destroyed On FaceFucking isn’t for any whore out there, Elizabeth Thorn however is built for this shit. This mentally disturbed skank likes nothing more that to completely let go while strange men use and abuse all her holes. Elizabeth has daddy issues which no doubt is the cause of her actually enjoying being humiliated and degraded. It’s these types of mental disasters that make for the best scenes. We pulled out all the stops today and took things to amazing heights. First we handcuffed her hands to a rope hanging from the ceiling so that she couldn’t resist any part of the destruction. This bitch was swinging back and forth as the hard slaps landed. The throat fucking was brutal and didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath. Her cunt was thrashed by cocks until she screamed and her asshole was demolished. Don’t miss this, it’s a great one.

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Chellie Rain The Unkempt Hoodrat Does GhettoGaggers

Meet Chellie Rain, you’ll most likely forget this hoodrats name, but not her Ghetto Gaggers scene. She came here on her path of following her dream to be a porn star and we ruined that for her. Chillie Rain is delusional and doesn’t quite get that you have to maintain your personal hygenie to get somewhere in this business. She showed up at the GG studio and didn’t bother to shave a damn thing. Her underarms, legs, and even her chin were hairy as fuck. She couldn’t even be bothered to do anything with the hair on her head either. This dumb whore needs to learn that she has to put in some fucking effort when it comes to her appearance to not only make it in porn, but to have a little class in the real world. So what was her punishment for showing up looking like a frumpy old hag? Well it was huge white cock of course. Bootleg and Harker taught her a lesson by ramming their cocks down her throat making her puke, smacking her around, and pounding the fuck out of her cunt. The only kudos this bitch deserves is for taking a dick in her holes like it’s her job. As a reward for that, the guys dumped their loads all over her face and hairy chin.

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Vienna June Earns Some FaceFucking Money

Last time Vienna June was on was about a year ago. Since that time she hasn’t really done anything porn related, but now that she’s fallen on some hard times, her cunt’s up for sale. Does it really matter why a whore is here? Last time around Gio gave her a pounding, this time it’s Harker’s turn to fuck her day up. For being a petite skank she has a great ability to swallow a dick that’s bigger than half her body. As soon as the warm up face fucking was over, it was time to stuff her throat with cock to make her empty her stomach into the whore bowl. Once that was nice and filled, it was poured all over her before her cunt took some abuse. Pauly has a thing for whores like Vienna June and he sure as hell used her pussy and mouth hole however he damn well pleased.

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Kay Love & Destinee Jackson Do A GhettoGaggers Threesome

Ok you GhettoGaggers fans have been asking for a scene with 2 whores so we thought we’d give that to you today. That’s right, it’s a threesome and we brought back 2 of the best. You all know Kay Love as she’s been here before and she always rocks her scenes. We also have Destinee Jackson who has only ever done one porn and that was for Ghetto Gaggers, but she’s so fucking awesome we had to get here back here. How does this scene play out? Just picture two amazing Ghetto Gaggers whores doing what they do best, just this time they do it together. It’s twice as messy. Twice as brutal. Twice as humiliating. If you can think it up, it’s in this scene. It’s full of amazing things that only happen once in a while and sure to become a favorite fast.

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Amelia Dire Does A Legendary Scene

Today on we have Amelia Dire. This whore has none of her dignity left, I’m not sure she had any to begin with. She’s an empty shell of a person without a soul at all. The only things left floating around her on the inside are the demons left over from traumatizing past experiences. Is there a better type of whore for Face Fucking? I think not. Let’s move on to this skanks throat fucking. Her throat seems to be a never ending bottomless hole that just swallows down hard cocks with ease. When it came to the cunt fucking, it opened wide and had no problems handling the hard rough pounding. Her ass proved to be just like her throat, she took dick up it like it was nothing at all. Anal isn’t easy for most of the best whores yet, it was for her. You probably won’t believe me, but we took destroying this whore to a whole new level. You have to when you’re working with a broken soul like Amelia Dire. It’s hardcore, brutal, and messy…all the things that make for a legendary scene.

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