Naomi Gamble

Naomi Gamble may look like a fool with her retarded hipster haircut, but she’s awesome. She put in some amazing work today on Ghetto Gaggers. Check out the junk in her trunk, she’s got one of those booties that make men act a fool. It’s memorizing when she makes that ass jiggle. Anyhow, Naomi despite having a sweet ass, was made to put in work today. Her shoot started off just like most of them do however, things started to get epic as it went on. I can’t really think of anything bad to say about Naomi’s performance. Personally, I think you all are going to enjoy whacking off to this ebony whore with a jungle booty.

See Naomi Gamble Put Out A Solid GG Scene


Charlotte O’Ryan

Meet the big crybaby Charlotte O’Ryan. Today on Face Fucking she was afforded the opportunity to experience 2 cocks at once for the first time ever. She’s an everyday whore that’s a buttaface..her body rocks but her face doesn’t. It’s clear porn isn’t for this big crybaby as her ego bruises way too easily. Even as she was gulping down thick pipe, she cried. This whore just would not stop crying and it got annoying very fast. This experience was horrible for her and got even worse when it was pointed out how she’s going to remember her first time with two dicks at once. If we’re all lucky, she’ll leave the porn industry.

See Charlotte O'Ryan In A Tear Filled Performance

Coffee Brown 4

Coffee Brown is back for her 4th Ghetto Gaggers appearance. She’s one of only a few who can say they have. Coffee Brown is fucking amazing, among the elite and is welcome back any damn time she pleases. Fuck, this chick did some of the grossest shit ever with the contents of her stomach. If you can picture it, she probably did it. That’s all I’m willing to say as you need to see it for yourself. She also verbally degrades herself as she’s fucked in her black pussy with a white rod. Hands down, this is for sure going to be an instant classic.

Watch The Amazing Coffee Brown Deliver An Award Winning Ghetto Gaggers Scene

Brittany Shae

Brittany is an adorable first timer who has a great personality, but emotionally she’s a ticking time bomb. She’s on Face Fucking today thanks to her good friend Gia Paige raving about us to her. So Brittany thought she’d be just like Gia Paige and handle the abuses thrown at her on FF. The reality is that she couldn’t and she cracked like the egg we put in Gia Paige’s asshole, her emotions came pouring out in the same fashion as the yolk into the whore bowl. This scene is like a horrible accident in slow motion. Through the face fucking as her throats engulfing cock, she’s struggling to keep her demons in check. As soon as it came time for her pussy to be penetrated, she totally lost her mental shit. It’s great when these whores breakdown.

Watch Brittany Shae Attempt To Handle FaceFucking


Barato showed up to the Latina Throats studio with just the clothes on her back. This dumb whore couldn’t even think of a stage name for herself. After learning that she only planned on doing this shoot and then she was done, no one was about to waste their precious time coming up with a sexy name for her. Thanks to the Spanish translation of the word cheap, this petite, 5 foot, 100 pound puta got her name. When it came time to take the cock down her throat, she tried to dodge them, but with a few crisp slaps she smartened up, swallowed the dicks then blew chunks all over. It’s always the Latina whore’s who try to pull the over dramatic diva bullshit. Barato wasn’t a fan of the pussy pounding either, but that didn’t stop the guys from stretching her cunt out. I’m somehow glad that this was her first and last porn.

Watch The Stupid Latina Whore Barato Get Face Fucked

Ashley Luvbug 2

We love when the Ashley Luvbug types come to Ghetto Gaggers. This is the second time around for this petite light skinned cutie. Ashley has a nice body, succulent ass, perky little tits, and a top notch worth ethic. She’s obedient and does what she’s told, when she’s told to do it and doesn’t pull any of that diva bullshit. Pauly and Gio totally dominated this whores throat with hard thrusts that made her puke up her insides repeatedly. It’s an epic sight to watch as she vomits over and over. Ashley also loves to take white dick in her ebony cunt and fucks like a damn pro. She’s awesome and so is this scene.

See Ashley Luvbug Do What She Does Best

Mindy Deep

With just a slap, Mindy Deep’s Face Fucking scene was almost over…no shit. Everyone thought this big crybaby was going to run for the hills, but instead she decided to man up and deliver a powerful scene. Mindy is cute, a little mushy in the middle, but totally doable. This whore also knows her way around a dick and can deep throat like a pro. With the name Deep, she had to be put to the test and she passed with flying colors. Even when her stomach was emptied all over the mat she kept chugging the cock down her throat. There were times she would start to sniffle like a baby, but her warrior spirit within came out and she plowed on through.

Watch Mindy Deep's Solid FF Scene

Indigo Lotus

Indigo Lotus is a tall chick with a craving for cock and cum. Before this Sperm Suckers scene started she was asked if she was actually going to put in the effort to make this an awesome scene because let’s face it, she doesn’t look like a dick pig. However she proved that my judgment of her was wrong. Indigo really does know her way around a cock. As she’s giving sloppy head she makes eye contact and lets the jizz slowly flow from her mouth into the martini glass. This is oddly very seductive. She’s also a natural when it’s time to swallow cum and does it in a way that shows she loves it.

See Indigo Lotus' Amazing Sperm Suckers Scene

Shae Spreadz 2

Shae Spreadz is back on Ghetto Gaggers. There’s very few hoodrats that grace us with their presence that I don’t give a shit if they return or not, but Shae is not one of them. She’s a good obedient whore who knows how to cater to white men which is why I’m happy she returned. This ebony whore is pretty fit and when it comes to her holes, they’re all open for business. Seeing as this isn’t her first time on Ghetto Gaggers we stepped things up. First time around it was Gio, this time around it’s Harker’s turn at this cunt. It was ass to mouth face fucking right off the bat that emptied her belly which was then refuelled. Ever see an asshole volcano that erupts with milk? You will today! It’s too bad that more whores weren’t like Shae.

Go Watch Shae Spreadz Shoot Milk Out Of Her Asshole

Tiffany Wells

Tiffany Wells is an 18 year old hottie with huge natural boobs, a gorgeous ass with the potential to be a porn star. After this FaceFucking scene, I doubt that’s going to happen. Today this pretty little soul was destroyed. The thick cock ravaged her throat well the verbal humiliation brought her to tears. Tiffany has a sweet, smooth bald pussy that the guys took turns pounding the fuck out of. This was her first porn scene ever and probably her last. The prettier they are, the harder the abuse, it’s logic.

See Tiffany Wells Breakdown & Cry