There is absolutely nothing memorable about this useless broad, from her bland porn name to her lackluster performance.  She is the reason why I come to work angry everyday.  I hate slackers and Valerie is a slacker.  She has absolutely no drive… nothing pushing her to be the biggest and best whore possible.  She’s just a dumb dyke trying to get by on her mediocre face and shaved cunt.  Let me say that it’s obvious that this girl has led a hard knock life.  It shows in her face.  No amount of make-up can cover the miles put on her skin.

At home, when she’s being less of a whore, Valerie is one of those cunts that thinks she can run the show.  You know the type… the kind that use their friends as their personal servant with such requests as: “Give me my phone over there.” or “Throw this out for me.” when she’s perfectly capable of doing those things herself.  I almost fell out of my chair during the initial interview when she asked… no, wait… told me to get her something to drink.  I told her that I’m not her butler and if she ever talks like that to me again and I’d punch her in the teeth.

At this time, I was getting so angry that I had to step away and collect myself.  I told her that there’s a sink in the bathroom and if she’s thirsty, she can drink from there.  I gave her no cup.  She had to cup her hand under the faucet and lap it up like a dog.  Meanwhile, I went in the other room and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and collected my shit so I can shoot this fucking skank without killing her.

So about 45 minutes later, when I’m good and ready, we start.  Right off the bat, I knew she was going to suck.  She had that stupid puss on her face while answering my interview questions and she was all slumped over like a sack of potatos.  This stupid jellyfish actually thinks she can coast through this shoot the way she coasts through life.  Wrong!

I told Red and Pauly to fuck her mouth and make her puke.  She looked at me and said, “I don’t want to puke.” and I replied, “I don’t want to pay you, either… but sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do.”  So it was back to work… cocks were being thrust so far down her gullet that all that awesome tap water she was lapping up came right back up.

Then something wonderful happened.  We all witnessed her mentally break down and just emotionally check out.  I knew I had won.  I was the better player in this battle of wits.

For the rest of the shoot, she just let Red and Pauly have their way with her while she stared blank at the walls.  To seal the deal, the guys dropped a couple nuts on her face and then launched a couple spit bombs at her, as well.  She cringed as the saliva hit her ugly mug.  I laughed and high fived Big Red.  After she left, I treated my guys to cheeseburgers.

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  • Duke Skywalker