Stacy Adams

There was a little bit of a buzz in the air prior to Stacy Adams arriving.  We all have seen pictures of her and were anxious to slap around those big giant milk bags.  Plus, Stacy always had this cute little innocent look about her.  However, our dreams were shattered when Stacy Adams 2.0 came walking through the door.

My first thought was “What the fuck is on your head?”  Stacy was wearing this God awful wig… or maybe it was her real hair.  Who the fuck knows?  I just know that it looks like she just stepped from a 10 week drug binge.  That is not the type of hair style that I would expect a B list ebony porn star to be sporting.  That’s the haircut you’d expect to see on an extra from Boyz n the Hood who’s part is to suck off thugs for crack rocks.  Needless to say, I was disappointed.

Moving on from her hair, I will say that I found Stacy to be an extremely nice person.  Do I think she tried to sabotage my shoot by showing up looking like that?  Maybe just a little… but she’ll get her comeuppance.  We had a pleasant little chat prior to the shoot.  I calmly told he that I was about to make her have a bad fucking day.  She chuckled.  I glared.  Her smile abrubtly disappeared.

She waddled off to go get ready.  I could hear her talking to herself in the bathroom saying things like, “You can do this.” and “It’s no thing.”  Obviously this chick doesn’t know what’s coming.  She may have a watered down idea, but reality is about to slap her across the face… and that reality is Big Red and Pauly Harker.

When I tell you that I have never seen a woman throw up so much, you have to believe me.  Stacy, obviously, has a bad gag reflex.  Once the cock goes deep enough inside, her button is pushed and her happy meal comes flying out.  At one point, she continued to barf for like 30 seconds after the cock had already been removed.  It was probably the thought of her sucking a puke covered cock that forced more of her innards outwards.  We were all laughing our ass offs.  The site of a big fattie on her knees barfing is a sight everyone needs to see at least once.

Stacy’s puke session went on throughout the entire blowjob scene.  Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be anymore in that stomach, new strands of slime oozed out.  She should honestly be thanking us.  We probably helped her lose 4 pounds off of puke alone.

After Barfie the black puke pig couldn’t handle any more throat fucking, Red and Pauly took turns fucking her sloppy black pussy.  Question.  Why do black girls who shave their bikini area always end up looking like some science experiment gone wrong?  I haven’t seen this many bumps since I had chicken pox in gradeschool.  Instead of taking cumshots to her pussy, she should try aloe-vera or some other brand of moisturizer.

The fuck portion of the video went off without a hitch.  Stacy managed to keep her food down, with some help from a dose of Pepto Bismal.  I did enjoy seeing her big tits flapping around while she got nailed, but not nearly as much as watching her pack her shit up and leave.  Before she walked out, I handed her a number to a good hair stylist in the city.  She took the card and looked at me, kinda bewildered.  I said, “Just call it.”


  • Duke Skywalker