Mindy Deep 2

Face Fucking Mindy Deep 2

Today on Face Fucking, Mindy Deep returns to go deeper. She’s decided she needs another round of having her throat stretched while her face is slapped. I guess she also wanted to share more stories of her twisted past too. When Mindy was here the first time she shared that in the past a boyfriend knocked her around, hence the reason she reacted the way she did when she was smacked. Armed with info, we blindfolded the whore this time around just to watch her brace herself and flinch because she couldn’t see the slaps coming..it’s funny as fuck. We treated her like the good bitch she is by strapping on a dog collar to take her for walks and rewarded her with a chew toy when she was a good girl. She’s a good dumb cunt who faced adversity and rose above it. All you other stupid whores out there need to recognize and take a page out of her book. This scene is a messy, snot filled ride you’ll enjoy.

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