Layla Rush

Layla Rush

What the fuck is it with the sudden influx of “Layla” whores lately?  This fat fuck goes by Layla Rush as in “let’s fucking rush this shoot before fattie eats everything in sight!”

Truth be told, if big bones could lose 80 pounds, she’d be a good catch for some illegal immigrant landscaper (that reminds me, I need to get my grass cut soon).  I’ll tell you one thing about those Mexicans… if you don’t keep close tabs on them, they fucking balloon up like crazy.  This porker obviously had the run of the kitchen growing up.  It’s obvious that dieting is as foreign to her as English.

We started off the scene as we usually do… by having the whore get undressed.  When she bent over to show her ass, two things immediately came to mind.  1) I could only imagine the sizes of her shit and 2) I didn’t know if her panties were a thong or normal because her giant ass just swallowed them.

When she started sucking the cock, she was all smiles and giggles.  That is, until the first dose of vomit came flying from her gullet.  The party’s over now, fat body.

More puke came exploding out of her mouth, which is probably some sort of landmark for her.  Who knew that food can come out, too?  Fat stuff surely doesn’t.

This time, we had her catch the puke in a dog bowl.    She wasn’t laughing anymore.  In fact, I caught some tears starting to fall from her eyes.  That’s when I yelled to Red and Pauly, “Harder.  Harder!  She’s almost broken!”

She shot me a look as if I was the devil himself… so I put the camera down to the side for a moment and slapped her right across the face.  “How dare you glare at me!”, I screamed.

She was now focused.

Pauly and Red took turns banging her while she sucked the other’s cock.  Fucking fat chicks can be fun (I wouldn’t know first hand because I find them utterly disgusting) people say.  I didn’t see much joy in the male talent’s eyes.  All I saw was the sad eyes of that of a puppy when they shit on your carpet and you yell at them.  They don’t know what they did to deserve this and why they’re being punished.

After pork chop couldn’t take any more, the loads were dropped on her face… but get this… I wiped off the jizz with a soft taco shell and made Chunky eat it.  You could see that she was humiliated, but you know that part of her was thrilled to be eating.


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