Brook Ultra

Facial Abuse Brook Ultra

If you were on the hunt for the next big titty porn star, there’s 3 main things that you’d probably be looking for; Big Tits, Dumb, and Damaged. Well Brook Ultra has all 3 of those qualities. She’s got the big bolt on fake tits, a ton of space between her ears, and has daddy issues. She’s too stupid to even realize that there’s probably some porn company out in LA that would be willing to snatch her up and turn her into a well known whore. Hey, I’m not complaining though seeing as she instead chose to shoot her first ever porn scene for for Facial Abuse. Personally I can’t think of a better way for this airhead to learn the ropes. So for her first lesson, Brook was taught how to become a submissive slut by obeying orders. The lesson plan included taking a cock in her mouth, pussy, and asshole. Her asshole was so widened from the hardcore anal that when she spread her ass cheeks, looking at the gape was like looking into the Grand Canyon. It’s a great sight to see!

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