Caramel Dime

Meet Caramel Dime, the black chick that has no ghetto in her at all. She’s so whitewashed she even speaks like one of those dumb white cheerleader type girls who come from the Valley. However, her being whitewashed is a bonus because she absolutely LOVES the white man meat and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for it. Caramel can take a huge cock down her throat like there’s no tomorrow and she knows she better gag on it and puke it up into the whore bowl. Drinking the vomit back up is something she’s also game for. Anal? Oh ya, this whore loves to take it up her ass and then clean her anal juices off the dick. This scene is so disgusting at points, that you may throw up yourself or blow your load right then and there if this shit gets you off. This is an awesome Ghetto Gaggers scene.

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Oh for fuck sakes, the practice of allowing these ghetto bitches to pick their own porn names needs to stop ASAP. I’m sure you’re wondering why and I’m going to tell you. This conceded pig had the nerve to name herself Gorgeous when even a blind person can tell she’s anything but. She may not be downright ugly, but she’s a far cry from stunning. Basically, the only good thing about this skank is that all 3 of her holes are opened for cock. And for a bonus…this is Gorgeous’ first time having a white penis in any of her orifices. First her throat is introduced to a schlong being shoved down her throat. Next her black box was pounded hardcore. Then her asshole was plowed Ghetto Gaggers style.

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