Lyla Kennedy 2

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

Lyla Kennedy has returned to Facial Abuse and has brought a gift…her asshole! That’s right, this whore is giving up her anus for some painal. Seeing as it hasn’t been that long since her first Facial Abuse scene, things got down to business faster this time around. Lyla said she has been practising her deep throating and face fucking skills and she’s not lying. Today while being mouth fucked, she took the hard cock all the way down to the ball sack until the puke started flowing. She barfed more than she did the first time. After her stomach was emptied, her asshole was up for grabs. It was pounded and stretched to the extreme, but from the way she handled it, it was hard to tell she had only had anal 4 times before.

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Monday, July 28th, 2014

Queen is a crybaby whore and I’m guessing that it stems from something involving a dick early in her life. Judging from the way she dislikes a hard cock in her mouth, I’m going to say it was cock sucking that turned her into damaged goods. I’m still trying to figure out why this ebony skank signed up for Ghetto Gaggers which as you know is the roughest Cock Sucking/Face Fucking sites on the internet. Oh well that’s her problem anyhow. This whore was broken the Ghetto Gaggers way. For 10 minutes this ghetto whore cried and whimpered as if it wasn’t going to fall on deaf ears. You know this only makes the scene better. Gio may still be a newbie, but he sure as hell delivered a great performance on this slut. He made his white man meat go straight down her throat, gagging her nicely. He then went to work on her cunt and made sure to use it and give it a good fuck.

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Cali Rider

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

This is Cali Rider and she thinks she’s smarter than the rest of the world. If she had any clue, she’d realize that she’s nothing more than a chubby good-for-nothing cum dumpster. Cali doesn’t even consider herself a whore…that’s how dumb this broad is. What else would you call a slut who fucks for money? Oh and she’s also doing this behind her boyfriends back so that makes her a cheating whore. If this dick receptacle had an ounce of intelligence, she’d realize just what is in store for her on Face Fucking. This skanks in for not one, not two, but three cocks rammed down her throat until she empties her belly all over. After her throat was demolished, she was covered in the man juice of the three dicks which clearly she wasn’t a fan of. She also wasn’t a fan of the treat she got at the very end. HA, dumb cunt.

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Carmen Ross

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Carmen Ross is a Latina whore with some big fake tits. To go with her big boobs, she’s got a huge ass and not just any ass, the kind that chicks pay money for. Plus she’s not too hard on the eyes and her body isn’t too bad. Carmen can deep throat like a pro! Seriously, she takes the whole cock down with ease. Hell, she doesn’t even need to be told to swallow the whole dick, she does it automatically. After being face fucked, she’s bent over and pounded from behind. This is how you get to see her big tittys swing back and forth with every thrust of the dick. It’s even better watching the big ass of hers bounce as she rides a cock up and down. Now there’s a surprise for you at the end of this scene and trust me, you’re going to want to see it!

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Scarlet Ray

Monday, July 21st, 2014

OK by now you have to know who Missy aka Belle Knox is and if you don’t, you’re probably living under a rock. Anyhow Missy aka Belle Knox is a whore from Facial Abuse who got all famous and shit. Scarlet Ray is friends with that cunt and is hoping to have the same success that Missy aka Belle Knox has. That will never happen seeing as Scarlet doesn’t have some big secret that could be turned into a scandal. Hopefully soon she’ll wake up and realize that she’s just another average whore shooting for Ghetto Gaggers. This chick is pretty fucking hot and when compared to the others who have shot for Ghetto Gaggers, she’s way out of the league. Skinny does not describe her, she’s so tiny that a piece of paper is almost thicker than she is. Her tits may be fake, but they’re pretty nice and not obscenely huge. Scarlet was face fucked until she vomited all over herself and you can tell she hated it. Overall this is a great scene. Scarlet may not be famous, but now she’s Ghetto Gagger famous.

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Holly North

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Holly North isn’t just ugly, she’s hideous. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the lovechild of Larry Bird and Flash Gordon. I wish I could say she at least has a good body, but she doesn’t, she has no tits and is shaped like a man. Her best quality is that she’s a submissive little whore and that makes up for what she lacks everywhere else. However, it’s the obedient skanks that are great for Facial Abuse as they’re the ones that are game for anything and everything. Holly got an extreme face fucking and took it like a champ. She puked all over herself when the cock was shoved down her throat far enough that it finally gagged her. She’s then turned around and bent over so that her pussy can be pounded hard and fast. Finally it’s time for Holly to get a load dumped all over her face and she doesn’t complain, not even when she’s spoon fed the jizz.

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Divinity Divine 3

Monday, July 21st, 2014

What’s that saying? The third time is always the charm? This is a fact when it comes to Divinity Divine. Yes, this ghetto slut is back for the third time. Most of the hood rats that shoot for Ghetto Gaggers barely get through one scene and here’s Divinity doing a triple play. This one’s a hell of a trooper. Looking back at the 2 scenes she’s already done, they were both pretty good. However, for her third appearance, it was decided to make it an extremely memorable one. This time around there’s a massive amount of barf, even more than her first 2 scenes combined. She puked every time that her throat was full of cock. Losing so much vomit this whore has probably lost some weight. Hey, it’s better than those fad diets.

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Layla Price

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Layla Price is is name you may or may not have heard in the porn scene. She’s an LA skank that is up and coming in porn and has been on box covers, etc. Layla is into the rough and nasty porn however, I guarantee that she’s never experienced anything along the lines of Facial Abuse rough. You know how it’s done at Facial Abuse, all whores are treated as what they are…nasty hoes. To start things off on a good note, Pauly gives her face a hard slap just to make sure she’s aware of who is in charge. The second slap is to get her ready for the upcoming face fuck. When it came to the face fucking, it was no-holds-bar total throat annihilation until the puke come pouring out. Oh and this degenerate enjoyed every minute of having her mouth violated. As soon as this whore was completely soulless from the Facial Abuse, her sweet little LA ass was up next. First off her asshole was tore open by a butt plug and then a nice hard dick pounded her tight anus. To end this solid scene off, after taking loads of jizz to her face, the whore bowl full of barf was poured over her head.

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Misty Lee

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Misty Lee is a young blonde whore who deserves some recognition for her one hell of a fantastic performance. This can’t be said for the majority of skanks that shoot for Facial Abuse. In fact, this scene should be used to teach the up and coming skanks how to be the biggest harlots they can be. Now when you look at Misty, there’s no way you can tell she’s so fucked up until she tells you her life story. After you hear it, it makes you say, “OH, now I get it and understand”. The emotional baggage this tramp carries around is massive and it’s thanks to that she’s who she is today. So now on to why this scene is so awesome. Believe me when I tell you that she was a total sleazebag. Not only did she puke when a hard cock was shoved down her throat, gagging her, but she drank the vomit from the whore bowl. Yes, she slurrped down a whore bowl full of barf without even making a face. Just wait until you hear this chicks fantasies, they are beyond fucked and I’m pretty sure she should probably be locked up for them. Misty can also ride a hard, stiff shaft like a pro. That’s just a few of the things that make this scene so amazing. You’ll have to see the rest of them through your own eyes.

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Indigo Lotus

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Are you into chicks who are taller than the average man? If you are, you’re going to love Indigo Lotus who measures a whopping 6′ 1″. This amazon sized whore decided to break into porn by doing a Facial Abuse Scene. Indigo isn’t much to look at and has a stupid hair cut, but a whore is a whore and this one’s a giant whore. From the get-go you can see the misery in her eyes and the more miserable a skank is, the better the scene. When a hard cock was jammed down her long ass throat, the tears started rolling. I guess this cunt forgot that she signed up to gag on a cock. There’s something that comes over you as you watch this huge piece of shit get slapped around and it’s great. Her pussy was fucked to the extreme while she looked miserable the whole time. Overall, a giant crying slut with misery in her eyes makes for a decent scene.

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