Kayla Ivy

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

This is Kayla Ivy’s porn debut and she travelled to New Jersey from California for it. When you think about it, that’s a long ass way to travel just to make your debut on Ghetto Gaggers. I don’t think she packed her bag with anything more than her daddy issues. Apparently she’s never really known her dad so she’s developed some resentment towards men. Like that’s not a obvious reaction to that type of situation. Boo Hoo, cry me a river bitch. This ghetto skank even had the nerve to lash out, what a stupid fuck up on her part. No worries though, Pauly Harker and Gio swiftly put this bitch in her place. Having hard white dick shoved down your throat until you vomit has a way of humbling a person. Oh and did she ever puke, this is a messy scene. Kayla Ivy also had those white schlongs shoved up her ass hard and fast. I’m sure this ass fucking was nothing in comparison to the handful of other times she’s had a cock up her butt. By the time the guy’s were done pounding her black O ring, it gaped really nice. To end the events off, her face was covered in massive loads of cum.

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Desiree Lopez 2

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

So Desiree Lopez decided to come back to do another shoot for LatinaThroats.com. The first time around she was up against Gio, but this time the AVN award winner Tommy Pistol joined Gio to reduce this slut into an empty soul. Thanks to this 2 man wrecking crew, the bar was raised to epic proportions and is way more messy and intense. Tommy and Gio shoved their hard cocks downs this hoe’s throat until the puke came flowing out. After that they pounded her cunt until the bitch screamed. Yes, she’s a screamer so consider this your warning. You know LatinaThroats.com is awesome and this scene proves it.

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Baby Girl

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Baby Girl is a petite 19 year old who weighs in at a whopping 88 lbs. She’s a newcomer to the porn industry and decided to expand her sexual horizons by doing a shoot for FaceFucking.com. She’s also a novice when it comes to taking a dick in her cunt, she’s only been with 2 guys in the past. Today she’ll be able to put 2 more notches on her bed post. Now when you look at her, she looks like the type that’s going to give up and run away screaming, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Baby Girl not only didn’t tap out, she finished the scene and proved shes can handle the rough shit. Watching her take cocks down her throat that are almost as big as her head is awesome. Seeing her gag and puke is even better.

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London Blaq

Friday, October 24th, 2014

There’s 2 things you need to know about London Blaq, 1- She’s hood and 2- She’s a stripper. These two things together give you mixed feelings as shooting for Ghetto Gaggers is nothing like shaking your ass in front of perverts for dollar bills. Thankfully, London came prepared to do some actual work for once. This skank wasn’t just up against one hard white dick, she was up against two. Pauly and Gio wasted no time in shoving their man meat down her throat until she gagged. After that is when shit got real for London Blaq. As the first palm makes contact with her face, you can see in her eyes that she’s having second thoughts about this shoot. But, she didn’t quit and continued on to have the white cocks thrust up her ebony pussy. With the way she can fuck, I wouldn’t be surprised if she does ‘extras’ on the side when she’s stripping.

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Alessa Snow

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Alessa Snow is up and coming in the world of porn and decided it was a good time to stop by FaceFucking.com. Today this big titted whore had her face, cunt, and asshole tore up. You can quickly tell that this skank is going to be an obedient and submissive whore. Alessa’s first task was to swallow hard man meat all the way to the balls and she passed with flying colors. Next up was her bald pussy which apparently has taken A LOT of giant cocks and was loose. Her saving grace? She’s got a tight little asshole. After the pounding it took, it’s definitely looser than it was.

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Selena Sky 2

Friday, October 24th, 2014

6 years ago, Selena Skye made her first appearance on Latina Throats. I guess living the ‘normal’ life since that scene has been so boring that she decided to liven up her life with another Latina Throat shoot. This whore should consider herself lucky for being fucked by the Big Red Machine while Duke Skywalker was behind the camera for her first shoot. Now onto todays shoot…This Latina slut has no gag reflex what-so-ever. Seriously, it didn’t matter what was shoved down her throat, she didn’t even gag. After trying to get this whore to puke, Gio pounded her ass nice and hard. It was so good she couldn’t get enough.

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Ashely Luvbug

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Today on Ghetto Gaggers we have Ashely Luvbug. This whore is a nice mix with that light skin the brothas love and the sistas hate. Now let’s talk about this chicks ass, she’s got one of those sweet ghetto bootys that make all the men drool. Ashely is a petite slut who says she’s into this shit and likes it rough. It’s not just a claim, she proved that she like’s to be on the receiving end of a good man handling. Basically she’s the total package with her good looks, perky boobs, smooth cunt, bubble butt, and the fact that anything goes with her. After having a white cock shoved down her throat, she puked all over. To clean it up, her hair was used as a mop. HA! Due to this whore’s petite stature, she was able to be put in some awesome positions while she was fucked hard.

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Vienna June

Friday, October 24th, 2014

When you first take notice of Vienna June, she look’s like the “girl next door” however, all she is a skinny piece of white trash. This chick has her share of problems in life, but who cares? This whore is completely money hungry and will do what’s necessary to make that money. Today her Face Fucking shoot takes her out of her comfort zone. This is Vienna’s most extreme scene ever and she get’s slapped around and spit on in it. Thanks to her ex boyfriend, she’s no stranger to being roughed up by a man. She relived that misery today though and it’s awesome!

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Mocha Sinn

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Meet Mocha Sinn. She may look like an innocent shy whore, but don’t let that fool you as she can deep throat like a pro and take it up her butt like it’s nothing at all. This wasn’t an easy Ghetto Gaggers shoot seeing as you have to come up with some creative ways to break a whore who can take punishment with a smile. Even after having a dick shoved down her throat and shoved in her ass balls deep, she was left wanting more. Oh, and get this, she didn’t make a sound as she was being destroyed. This scene will leave you shaking your head in amazement.

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Alora Jaymes 2

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Holy shit FaceFucking.com has hit another home-run. You may remember Alora Jaymes seeing as a little over a year ago she shot her first Face Fucking scene. Her first scene was shot with Bootleg and today’s was shot with Tommy Pistol and Gio. Yes, the legend Tommy Pistol was available to put this little whore through the ringer. Well, Gio helped with that too. These two went absolutely bat shit crazy and didn’t spare this slut from any punishment. This scene is so intense that it’ll make chills run up your spine. The face fucking was so rough that the cocks stretched her throat out. She was then treated to some anal so brutal that I don’t think she’ll be able to sit for weeks. Go watch this scene now.

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