Destinee Jackson Face Fucked On GhettoGaggers

This hot petite pig goes by the name Destinee Jackson. It’s not everyday a hot hoodrat shows up to GhettoGaggers. Let’s talk about this whores deep throating as it’s top notch. She can fucking inhale white cocks like it’s nothing and keep up with the face fucking. My guess is that she learned this somewhere in the hood. Destinee is so down with the nasty that she gave up her asshole and it was fucked so hard that it gaped wide. She’s even all for ATM and sucked the dick clean. This is a fucking great scene.

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Crazy Yuka Ozaki Is Back For Another Face Fucking

Yuka Ozaki the retarded Jap is back for another round of FaceFucking. She came here with revenge on her mind however, she was sorely disappointed. Between now and her last scene she says she has gotten a ton of emails and they were all on the same subject. What subject you ask? Well they were about her shutting the hell up and knocking off her damn screaming. Thank fuck she actually took the advice so, thank you. This time around she was up against Pauly and the Legend of Abuse aka Bootleg. It looks like Yuka made some good choices while she’s been gone seeing as her deep throating game has been stepped up. She took the face fucking like a champ and balls deep. Sadly though, she’s still a klutz when it comes to the cunt pounding. Her slit was unable to take the girth of the guys cocks so she squirmed and whimpered. After receiving a face full of cum, we gave her an assessment to let her know what we really think of her. Pretty sure you all will agree with it.

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Cara Sky, A Useless Whore With No Skills

Some whores who do go on to become big stars while others are merely just another LT update and fade into the shadows. Cara Sky is one of the ones that is here today and gone tomorrow. She may be an ok looking 18 year old, but she’s fucking useless. This Latina broad can’t even suck a cock properly. Repeated attempts to shove a dick down her gullet were rejected even though there wasn’t a taco lodged in it. Man, even this chicks sex skills were lacking and fucking whack. How the hell can one be bad at sex? It’s simple and yet she couldn’t even spread her legs so a cock could pound her cunt. She may have a nice body, but that’s not going to take her far in porn. The only redemption is that her day was ruined.

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Sasha Banks is A Ghetto Gagging Whore

Sasha Banks has decided Ghetto Gaggers is an excellent way to get her name out there. She’s been using social media to bitch and moan about how no one is hiring black models. Dumbass, is always hiring the ebony whores. We all assumed that she was a stuck up cunt who thinks she’s too good for porn, but she was awesome. Just like the rest of the skanks who have graced our couch, she took her lumps. Obviously she’s had a cock in her mouth before however, today she had one deep her throat for the first time. With every inch of dick that slid back and forth in her windpipe, her stomach contents spewed forth. Sasha didn’t even seem to minnd being covered in her own vomit. Hopefully this hoodrat loses more of her self worth and decides to come back for another round.

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Logan Sinns Returns For A Third Round Of Face Fucking

So it’s been awhile since Logan Sinns was last on She showed up today with an ounce of dignity that was quickly snatched from her with humiliation and degradation. Logan is the innocent sweet heart type that makes you feel like a real fucked up person after you make her go through atrocious things. Today this little lost soul was shown that in reality she’s nothing, but a number of holes for a cock to be stuck in. She didn’t like this wake up call and with every thrust of a foreign cock down her throat her tear ducts filled up. The more abuse she endured, the more the tears ran down her cheeks. After watching this scene not only will you save it to your computer, you’ll have the need to go to church to cleanse your soul.

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Layla Ray Returns For An Unforgettable Ghetto Gaggers Scene

Apparently Layla Ray has done GhettoGaggers before? Not a single person here remembered this whore. I suppose she did well on her first visit, but to be honest I don’t care. Anyhow, our goal for today was to make sure this time around that her scene is unforgettable. Layla Ray is filthy and up for just about anything. She didn’t even mind when the face fucking caused her to empty her stomach everywhere. Now use your imagination and think of some of the most unspeakable ones you can, these acts of depravity were probably done. This is one hell of a nasty scene and I don’t want to give everything away. Caution: watch this at your own risk.

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Cierra Jade Throat Fucked

Cierra Jade is just one of those big goofy idiot skanks that think they can handle Face Fucking and porn. You know the type who need a reality check? Today she was slammed in the face by one. It came in the form of a dick shoved down her esophagus making her cry, but nonetheless it was a wake up call. Listen, you can’t be an ugly, pudgy slut who can’t take a cock without becoming emotional and crying if you want to make a name for yourself. Cierra Jade sucked big time and if she’s as bad as this in other aspects of her life, she’s not going to be anything only than a cheap fuck toy. I’ll give her credit though, she did finish the shoot. By the time she was hauling her fat ass out the door, her throat was all used up and she was probably thinking about becoming an official lesbian.

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Kandy Reign Is ‘Scared Straight’ On Latina Throats

Today on Latina Throats we have Kandy Reign. She’s a typical 21 year old puta who when down on cash, makes some quick bucks whoring herself out. Kandy is even willing to go so far as to mug someone for cash to feed her 3 brats. She’s got no clue how easy jail was compared to the treatment she’s about to get. Pauly and Gio, the kind souls they are decided that for the sake of this whore and her kids, they’d go all ‘scared straight’ on her to teach how to be a better person. They filled her throat with their giant rods, stretching it wide while face fucking her until she puked. Next, they took their cocks and went all loco on her used, abused, and blown out pussy. To finish this slut off, her face was covered with loads of cum and mouthfuls of spit. It’s surprising that she stuck it out and is actually a Latina that’s willing to put in some work.

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Yummy Steps Into The Spotlight on Ghetto Gaggers

Yummy is a first timer on Ghetto Gaggers today. She’s got awesome big boobs that are just busting out of everywhere. You know she be stripping at some hood club where she’s jerking and sucking in the VIP. She’s decided she’s been hiding in the shadows too long and it’s time for her to make some real cash in the spotlight. Yummy fucking nailed this shoot. She walked in as a lump of clay and was smacked into a submissive whore craving white cock stuffed in her throat and pounding her ebony cunt. This was her first time being face fucked by a dick that pushed past her tonsils so of course she emptied her stomach contents everywhere. By the time she left the GhettoGaggers studio, she was turned into a filthy fuck pig.

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Jade Rose Trades In Donuts For Facial Abuse

At 215 pounds, Jade Rose is twice as big as the usual FaceFucking whores. The good thing about a fatty like Jade is that a hog like her will do just about anything for a mans attention. Oh and the things she’s willing to do will haunt your dreams. Jade Rose despite having a body like a beanbag chair, has a great personality. I’m guessing this is what she works on as she’s stuffing food down her throat. Today she’s traded in the food for some cocks. This fatty excels at face fucking and makes it look easy. Swallowing dick until she gags and pukes all over her fat rolls is second nature to her. This chubby slut had her cunt pounded once her lard was parted. After that both guys climbed onto this mountain to fuck her ass and pussy at the same time. Talk about some awkward double penetration.

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