Shiloh Hendrix

Shiloh Hendrix is making her porn debut on Ghetto Gaggers. Today this tall, half-witted amateur was taught how to deep throat a white dick thanks to Pauly and his giant one. He rammed his cock down her throat until the contents of her stomach started bubbling until it came up all over her. Sassy whores like her aren’t used this kind of shit and it serves her right. Next up on the pounding block was her rarely used ebony pussy. The cunt fucking with this whore is like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. She ran from the cock like she was trying to dodge paying a bill however, she was quickly put in her place.

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Andie Adore

Andie Adore is a cute chick who considers herself a ‘punk rocker’. Today on Face Fucking she’s introduced to what the porn industry is all about. Her plan is to travel the world and meet new people via swallowing dicks on video. Soon she’ll learn that all she is made up of is multiple holes to be penetrated by cocks. Harker wasted no time in showing her how to loosen up her throat muscles by shoving his man meat passed her tonsils. He also made sure she learned how to take slaps that would make grown men wince. Andie switched over to beast mode and took it all like a fucking boss. Then Harker had no mercy on her shaved cunt and pounded it until it was destroyed. Andie Adore loved every minute of it! This whore did an outstanding job.

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Shae Spreadz 3

So Shae Spreadz was just at Ghetto Gaggers however, this ebony whore just can’t stop spreading so she’s back for round 3. You’ve all seen her second scene and loved it so we thought we’d bring her back for another to say thanks to our fans. Today’s shoot is bondage heavy and it’s awesome. Shae Spreadz was bound to the face fuck chair and then we taped her eyes shut to fuck with her senses. As hard white dicks were thrust down her black throat gagging her, her stomach erupted and vomit came spewing out. Then things were kicked up another notch and taken to crazy epic levels. I’m not about to get into all the details of them, but I will say that funnels were involved and things became gross! You don’t want to miss this amazing scene.

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Lil Red

Today Lil Red had the honor of meeting the Big Bad Wolves of to shoot her first porn ever. Now most of the whores who grace FF have some kind of daddy issue and Lil Red has one too. However, I’m not sure if her issue is more twisted than the others as I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. What’s her daddy issue? Well, she has the full, 100% support of her dad to do porn. Yes that does say SHE HAS HER DADS FULL SUPPORT. How in the fuck does a father encourage their little princess to be throat gagged, fucked, and treated like shit for money on cam? It’s mind boggling if you ask me and I’ll never know why. There are some things I know about Lil Red. For starters she reminds me of a big ball of dough with big tits. The only things she has going for her are her big tits and her ability to have a big cock stuffed down her gullet like she’d been throat fucked before. If this whore could lose about 40 pounds, tone her muscles, and get a tan she may have a shot at getting herself some porn fans.

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Sharee walked in to the Ghetto Gaggers studio yapping about how she’s into the hardcore shit and deep throat like a fucking pro. Normally when whores spout off like this, they’re bogus claims. Snotty Sharee on the other hand was telling truth. Who knew cunts were capable of honesty. First this ebony hoodrat took Pauly Hawkers huge white dick all the way down her throat without even breaking a sweat. As Pauly’s palms made contact with her face she didn’t even flinch. This cunt can even take a hard cock up her ass like a boss then clean it with her mouth. So much for all the money she wasted on college because she’d rather burying her nose in cock and balls instead of books.

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Amor Hilton

Amor Hilton may be hot, but she sucks at everything including She’s gone through life slipping by on her good looks and wonders why her life is in shamble. Does she blame herself? Oh no, it’s everyone elses fault. Here’s a news flash you stupid cunt, it is your fault! When you do everything half assed that’s what happens. Amor Hilton is one of those scene queen types that may have cool looking tattoos now, but in 15 years they’ll scream street trash. Anyhow today this whore learned what it’s like to actually have to put a little work and effort. She had monster dicks shoved down her throat which was an experience she hated. After having cocks thrusted into her stank pussy, she walked around like a newborn calf on a shaky legs. This whore was used up in one scene, hopefully she quits porn.

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Nikki Shay

Nikki Shay is a 90 pound puta who looks like she wouldn’t be able to handle Latina Throats, but she proved us all wrong. There’s nothing that will give you a boner the way watching the innocence snatched from a cute 19 year old who is just trying to make her way in the world. Nikki has her tiny head filled with cocks that throat fuck her like the garbage she is. The slaps were fierce and were the tone setters. The harder the slap, the more the whore knows how serious you are. This dumb bitch got that point fast. The guys had so much fun pounding her bald pussy that neither wanted to pass her off to the other. This is an awesome scene.

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Mindy Deep 2

Today on Face Fucking, Mindy Deep returns to go deeper. She’s decided she needs another round of having her throat stretched while her face is slapped. I guess she also wanted to share more stories of her twisted past too. When Mindy was here the first time she shared that in the past a boyfriend knocked her around, hence the reason she reacted the way she did when she was smacked. Armed with info, we blindfolded the whore this time around just to watch her brace herself and flinch because she couldn’t see the slaps’s funny as fuck. We treated her like the good bitch she is by strapping on a dog collar to take her for walks and rewarded her with a chew toy when she was a good girl. She’s a good dumb cunt who faced adversity and rose above it. All you other stupid whores out there need to recognize and take a page out of her book. This scene is a messy, snot filled ride you’ll enjoy.

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Naomi Gamble

Naomi Gamble may look like a fool with her retarded hipster haircut, but she’s awesome. She put in some amazing work today on Ghetto Gaggers. Check out the junk in her trunk, she’s got one of those booties that make men act a fool. It’s memorizing when she makes that ass jiggle. Anyhow, Naomi despite having a sweet ass, was made to put in work today. Her shoot started off just like most of them do however, things started to get epic as it went on. I can’t really think of anything bad to say about Naomi’s performance. Personally, I think you all are going to enjoy whacking off to this ebony whore with a jungle booty.

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Charlotte O’Ryan

Meet the big crybaby Charlotte O’Ryan. Today on Face Fucking she was afforded the opportunity to experience 2 cocks at once for the first time ever. She’s an everyday whore that’s a buttaface..her body rocks but her face doesn’t. It’s clear porn isn’t for this big crybaby as her ego bruises way too easily. Even as she was gulping down thick pipe, she cried. This whore just would not stop crying and it got annoying very fast. This experience was horrible for her and got even worse when it was pointed out how she’s going to remember her first time with two dicks at once. If we’re all lucky, she’ll leave the porn industry.

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