Little Bambi Returns To Face Bootleg & Pauly

Little Bambi loved GhettoGaggers so much that she’s back already. Plus we were way too easy on this whore the first time around and we wanted to show her some true face and throat abuse so we called in Bootleg. Little Bambi was clueless as to the work she had in store for her as Bootleg and Pauly were relentless. Their cocks flew at her face, into her mouth and down her throat at warp speed. Today she learned the true meaning of face fucking. Surprisingly, this skank handled every second of it. So, it was then time to take things up another notch and push this slut to her ultimate limit. She had her cunt throttled by cocks for some hardcore fucking. As her pussy was pounded, Bootleg made her lick his asshole. Then her ebony skin was coated in loads of cum to finish her off.

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Yesenia Sparkles Is A Master Face Fucking Whore

This has got to be a first! Meet Yesenia Sparkles who holds a master’s degree in something or other unlike most of the whores who land on the Face Fucking couch who can barely count to ten. Personally I think her degree should be a masters in fucking and sucking. Yesenia is a petite little skank who stands about 5’2″ and weighs 98 pounds and can actually take Bootleg and Pauly’s cocks…she’s a fucking champ. The facial abuse the guy’s dish out to her gets really messy. That’s what happens when you have a huge dick throat fucking you until you gag and puke. It also gets real loud and during the anal and cunt fucking. It gets even louder when her pussy and anus are destroyed at the same time.

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Little Bambi Loves To Get Face Fucked

Today on GhettoGaggers we have the 18 year old Little Bambi who has a nice tight body. This lil hood rat just loves to fuck and you can tell she’s been around the block hundreds of times. Little Bambi came in and handled her business like a real woman. She took the big white dick down her throat so easily that it made it seem like she gets throat fucked all day. Her ebony cunt was then tore up the same way it has been for god knows how many times. Honestly, this whore is just too damn good at handling the GG abuse and needs even more schlongs thrown at her. Rest assured that more talent will be lined up for this skank while you enjoy this scene and jerk it.

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Alora Jaymes VS Bootleg & Pauly

Not only is Alora Jaymes making a triumphant return to, so is Bootleg. We thought it was only right to throw Pauly Harker into this mix as it can only make for an even more magnificent scene. Oh what a scene this is, I live for this shit. Bootleg and Pauly had no mercy for this whore. Within moments of making Alora gag on their hard dicks, she was erupting like a vomit volcano into the slop pool. She was then made to roll all over in her own puke. After the Pauly and Bootleg took turns annihilating her asshole, pounding it as she screamed. Her cunt was shredded by every thrust of their big hard cocks. As if that wasn’t enough, the guys destroyed her pussy and ass at the same time.

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Kay Love Meets Bootleg

Today on Ghetto Gaggers, a fucking legend returns. Not the whore Kay Love. She may be returning for her third GG scene, but she’s not the legend I’m referring to. I’m talking about the one and the only, Bootleg. Yes, you fans asked so much for him to return that it has now brought him out of his retirement to punish whores again. Seeing as this is a special occasion, we couldn’t just pair him with some random hood rat, so we paired him with Kay Love. Why? Because she’s proven that she likes it rough and can handle herself like a good little skank when it comes to the Ghetto Gaggers abuse. Bootleg may have been in retirement, but he sure didn’t forget how to get nasty with the black chick. Seriously, it’s as if he picked up exactly where he left off. Pauly and Bootleg teamed up and ran Kay through the wringer. They throat fucked her until she spewed all over. Pounded her ebony cunt until it was shredded. Then her tight little asshole was destroyed. But wait, there’s more…she had her pussy and anus pounded at the same time for some nice double penetration. Pauly and Bootleg made this into a monumental scene.

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Lexi Jaxson Returns For An Even Messier Round 2

Lexi Jaxson is back for round two on Face Fucking. The first time this whore was here, things got extremely messy. Today the ante was upped by having her spew her guts into a small pool. Pauly used his massive rod to face fuck her until she gagged and puked over and over filling the pool with it. Then we had this skank get into the pool and splash around in her own vomit. Needless to say, this time around things were even messier. Because Lexi has such a great face for fucking, we kept this scene to just Facial Abuse. As a going away present Pauly shot a huge load of white man goo all over her cunt face.

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Karen Paije Becomes A Ghetto Gaggers Whore

Today on Karen Paije pops her porn cherry. That’s right, she’s never sold her black cunt for money. She’s an innocent and naive fresh face who for whatever reasons has decided now is the time to be a whore on camera. You should be thankful she made the choice as she has a body that will leave you in awe. Karen is not only hot, she’s fucking beautiful with her creamy light skinned complexion. Now just because she’s a hotty with a body to die for, doesn’t mean Pauly went easy on her. As he introduced her to the world of throat fucking and gagging, his massive rod looked as though it was a tree trunk penetrating her head. As he fucked Karen’s cunt, his cock pummeled her cervix. This scene is pure adrenaline and awesome.

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Lexi Jaxson Get’s Face Fucked

Lexi Jaxson is a young, tiny stripper who is doing FaceFucking to expand her porn experience. I’m sure that her off camera performances will help her be a good whore. Lexi has a smokin body, nice tits, a sweet ass, and a fuckable cunt. Pauly used his massive cock to stretch her throat to twice its size so he could face fuck her until she gagged. With every thrust of his dick, her dignity came up along with the puke. She didn’t seem to mind being covered in vomit and getting messy. Yes this slut is worthy of your cum.

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Kay Love 2

Kay love is back on Ghetto Gaggers. She’s back because her first time here she rocked and this time she’s offered up her tight ebony asshole. Kay Love can deep throat like a boss so her throat fucking was on point. She makes taking a hard white cock to the balls look easy. She also has one of those bubble butts that make you say, “Damn!”. Harker held nothing back while he pounded her ass and surprisingly she can take some serious ass fucking. With the fury that Pauly unleashed on her asshole, I don’t think she’ll be able to walk for a week.

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Jazmine Jayyde

If you look at Jazmine Jayyde and get the impression that she’s a cunt, you’re spot on. She’s doing Face Fucking because her rent’s 5 days past due and doesn’t have the brains to make a quick buck any other way. Jazmine isn’t a fan of porn, but oh well, that doesn’t matter as she’s in for an attitude adjustment. She was having bad day before she even showed up and by the time everything was over, it was a horrible day. Her jaw was stretched wide so the cock could shred her throat. Her cunt was brutally pounded. This scene takes you back to the old school hardcore.

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