Marie Chantilly 2

This is a Ghetto Gaggers first…Marie Chantilly tapped out the first time she was here, but she came back to prove she could handle it. I’d say she accomplished that. The first time around, Marie was crying and screaming her head off while being destroyed and when she couldn’t handle the heat, she got out of the kitchen. Between then and now she’s learned how to be a good bitch and good bitches are allowed into their doggy crate while they get spit on. Marie was let out, but it was only to have her parade around on her hands and knees to humiliate her. It was then time for this ebony whore to swallow the white man meat and she took the face fucking like a pro. OK there was some whimpering, but this cunt had to show she wasn’t about to tap out again. The guys really worked her over too with huge dildos up her black pussy, smacks to her face, shoving the plunger dildo down her windpipe, baby powder slaps, and the list goes on. When it was over, she looked like a pile of jizz and slop. Hey…she only got what she asked for.

See Marie Chantilly Prove She Can Handle The Abuse This Time Around


Sky Haven

Sky Haven is an old hag that reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West. The only differences are that Sky’s on Face Fucking and she’s not green. In fact she’s a sad shade of spray on tan. This chick is way over the hill and has just decided to start out in porn. Personally I think this old whore is having some sort of mid life crisis and trying to reclaim her youth. That’s OK because we don’t discriminate here, we’re all for shoving cocks into any hole of any skank. I’m sure you know someone like her, the crazy cat lady who makes a quick buck being a lot lizard so she can buy her Ensure. I will give Sky Haven credit for being able to handle anything the guys threw at her. This scene is utterly disgusting, it’s one for those of you who like the massive amounts of puke, the depraved anal, and the slaps so hard you can feel them. You’ll be sorry if you miss this one.

Hurry And Go See Sky Haven In One Of The Most Disgusting Scenes Ever

Nicki B 3

What’s that saying? Third times a charm? It certainly is with Nicki B’s third Ghetto Gaggers scene because this time around she’s giving up her sweet ebony asshole. We decided not to go with norm today and to switch things up a bit. Nicki B was a bad girl and bad girls go to jail and if they’re extremely bad they get to wear a cover over their head. With her senses being deprived, the guys bust in her cell, throw her down on the cot and start thrusting their white cocks up her black ass. After a good anal fuck, the dicks go straight into her mouth for a true ass to mouth face fucking. Today was straight down and dirty with some pure filthy porn. The guys slapped this whore in the face in a way that is sure to get all the sistas in a rage. After this Ghetto Gaggers scene it’s still up in the air if Nicki B will ever come back again. We hope she does because she’s a hot chick.

See Nicki B Return For Round 3 At Ghetto Gaggers

Yuka Ozaki

Today on Face Fucking we have Yuka Ozaki, a Japanese MILF who has one goal in life, to be a whore. Well she came to the right place. Yuka has more issues than Vogue magazine which are quite apparent throughout this train wreck. The guys stabbed her throat with their big American meat sticks. In a surprise move, she took them all the way down her windpipe with ease even though no one thought she’d be able to. When it was time for her Japanese slit to be pounded, things got real freaky. That didn’t stop the guy’s from thrusting their noodles up her ass or from giving her some double penetration treatment. This slut cried the whole time. Somehow this scene ended up as an extraordinarily entertaining scene.

Watch Yuka Ozaki On Her Quest To Be A Whore

Gia Paige 2

Gia Paige is back for round 2 at It’s a good thing this whore is easy to look at. Maybe I should just get her a desk and chair and do some slut things behind the scene. This time around we pulled out all the stops and topped her first scene by levels. First off, she was tied up before any of her holes were penetrated and an anal hook was put up her sweet little asshole. Then she was fucked from all angles as she laid there bound and exposed. After the shackles came off, a dog collar went on and not just any dog collar, but one with a 25 lb dumbbell attached to it. It gives a whole new meaning to face down, ass up. Once all her holes were throughout destroyed, a speculum was then put in her anus to open it wide. Guess what happens egg was cracked and put into her colon. As Harker and Gio dumped their loads of cum all over her pretty face, she scrambled the egg inside her ass. When that was finish, she gaped her asshole so the egg could plop into the whore bowl. Oh fuck it’s a sight to see so don’t miss this scene.

P.S. Listen close to the directors voice, recognize it?

Watch As Gia Paige Scrambles An Egg Inside Her Ass


After fixing a server, I found the lost Ghetto Gaggers scene Vanity. My friends please travel down memory lane with me back to the year 2007. Ghetto Gaggers along with Face Fucking (Facial Abuse), Latina Throats (Latina Abuse), etc were all in their early stages as I pulled 36 hour shifts to build my company up. Just listening to the audio in this scene, you can hear in my voice just how tired I am and just how much I busted my ass to get this company going. Anyhow, back to Vanity. This hoodrat is no looker at all and reminds me of Purnsley from Boardwalk Empire. Take a look at those Chiclets in her mouth, now think of Mike Tyson’s…can you see the resemblance? Oh and the noises this broad makes sounds like Al Sharpton and Chewbacca had a kid with a dash of autism for good measure. This whole scene is a fucking train wreck, a true catastrophe. This is a true view of what happens when a white penis eradicates an ebony asshole.

Watch Vanity And Travel Back In Time

Jazzi Lai

Jazzi Lai may have a really dumb name, but don’t let it fool you. Not only is Ghetto Gaggers her first porn ever, she’s never been a stripper or sold her cunt before. Jazzi describes herself as an undercover freak. Looking at her there’s no way it’s believable as she came in looking like she was going to work at an office. However, this chick is just that, a freak. The guys pushed this whore to her limits and had a great time doing so. They slapped her around, spit on her, chocked her, and even slapped her face with baby powder. When they began shoving their white cocks down her ebony throat, the face fucking got intense and messy. Wait let me correct myself, it got VERY messy. When they were done gagging her until she spewed, they went to work on pounding her dark pussy and splitting her asshole in half. Then to up that, they penetrated her at the same time. Man, this scene is fucking awesome!

Go See Jazzi Lai Unleash Her Inner Freak At Ghetto Gaggers

Whitney Gunns

This Whitney Gunns LatinaThroats scene will leave you speechless. I’m not even sure where I should start with this scene to break it down. Whitney is a 26 year old chick who has a ton of demons that she decided to exorcise during this shoot. She’s average looking, but loves sex and figures that porn is a good way to do a job she loves. When it came time to have a cock shoved down her throat, she had some problems with the face fucking, but managed to get through it. A few slaps to her face made her wake up and realize that she’s got to do what she has to for stardom. It wasn’t until it was time for the fucking that shit got all unreal. The moment the fat dick entered her small cunt she began crying and confessing. The more her pussy was pounded, the more she confessed to things that will make your stomach turn. Whitney didn’t hold back and let out all her deepest, darkest secrets.

Watch Whitney Gunns Confess Her Gut Wrenching Demons

Felicity Feline

Felicity Feline is a hot complete and utter whore. The way things go on Face Fucking is that the beat pigs will be down with the nasty shit and the hot chicks won’t get with the filth. Felicity is not like the other hot sluts, she LOVES the depravity. This whore can handle a face fucking with big man meat shoved down her throat without even breaking a sweat. She did gag and I know this because she puke. That vomit was then thrown on to her pretty face, HA. This bitch is also flexible. I’m pretty sure you could fold her up and pack her in a suitcase. The guys put her flexibility to the test as they bent her in many positions as they pounded that sweet little cunt of hers. She’s hot, down and dirty, and flexible, basically a total package.

Watch Felicity Feline Degraded On

Kay Love

Kay Love is such a breath of fresh air for Ghetto Gaggers. She’s a pretty 20 year old who is into the depraved and disgusting sex. Kay admitted that her nerves almost got the better of her, but she overcame them. As soon as the big white dicks were shoved down her ebony throat, it was clear she was a natural at being face fucked. This black bitch proved to be insatiable once she was totally into the scene and all raring to go. This black whore is totally submissive and did as she was told. She had her bald black cunt pounded and destroyed by hard white wood. This scene is so awesome it’s a shame that there wasn’t more white cock to throw at her as I think she could be a star.

See Kay Love Be A Submissive Black Whore