Lola Vaughn

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

When Lola Vaughn showed up for her Face Fucking shoot, I thought for sure she’d nail it. That’s not the case though as this whore couldn’t handle the heat and had to get out of the kitchen. Yes, this slut tapped the fuck out right after her throat was slammed by both guys. The scene wasn’t a total waste because not only did she puke up some neon liquid, you can see the misery in her face. Her going away present was loads of cum all over her pretty face.

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Marie Chantilly

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

This is Marie Chantilly and it’s her first time on Ghetto Gaggers and she hasn’t given a good first impression. You see all through the interview, she sat there saying she’s into the rough fucking, want’s to be gang banged, slapped around, used and abused, but that was a bold faced lie. That’s right, this whore sat there and from her mouth spewed everything she thought we wanted to hear. It would have been better for her sake if she had of spoken the truth, but I guess this hoodrat didn’t learn that growing up. As soon as the big hard white cocks were shoved down her throat, it was clear that she was not into rough shit. In fact this is when she started screaming and would not shut up. Soon after, this petite skank couldn’t handle anymore so she packed up and left. This may have been a tapout, but it’s still intense.

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Adison Asher

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Adison Asher isn’t the type you normally see on Face Fucking. In fact it looks as though she’s eaten some of the other FF girls. If personalities counted in the porn business, then she’d be a huge star. But as you know it’s a shallow business and looks really count. Adison isn’t much of a looker, she’s obese, egg shaped, and has some floppy ass tits. Today she got to show how constantly shoving food down your throat is excellent practice for having hard dicks crammed down it. This porker is fucking great at being face fucked and being treated like trash. You know fatties will do anything to hang with the attractive people even if it means having their world fucked up and this was no exception for her. This cow was even down for anal and double penetration. To sum it all up, this pig did whatever was asked of her.

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Reeka B.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Meet Reeka B, it’s her first time on Ghetto Gaggers. I’m pretty sure someone told her she was reeking of body odor and she thought they were joking and decided to call herself Reeka B. Anyhow this hoodrat has a serious case of resting bitch face. She’s the type that looks pissed off at anyone and everything even when she’s happy. Reeka B deserves some credit for being pretty good at gobbling white cock down her throat when they’re flying at her. Bitch tried to go all ‘hood’, but she was easily put in her place with some good hard slaps. When it comes to sex, she’s horrible and sloppy. At one point it seemed as if she was going to need oxygen because her fat ass had to take breaks from riding a dick to catch her breath. Oh and there’s another thing that reeka’s, her breath.

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Amy Aimless

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Amy Aimless is one hell of a beat up looking 27 year old and it’s not even from booze or drugs. At least she showed up at ready to work and didn’t cause any problems. This whore is actually into the extreme shit and proved it today. The guys didn’t let her off easy, they showed her no mercy. This scene basically has it all and more. Let’s go over what this scene has.

  • Cocks shoved down her throat, face fucking her until she gagged.
  • Slapping the shit out of this slut.
  • Pussy pounding until the whore screamed.
  • Dicks ripping up her asshole for some nice anal.
  • A cock in the pussy and the ass at the same time, double penetration is always a plus.
  • Gaping – the guys taught her how to make her ass gape.

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Cherise Roze 3

Friday, January 9th, 2015

Cherise Roze is back on Ghetto Gaggers for her third appearance. This hood rat is like a case of herpes and shows up every so often. Her last epic GG scene was about a year ago and it’s always a good time to have a big booty ho shot a scene. I have to hand it to Cherise, she shows up ready to work and is down for the sick twisted shit. Today, Pauly and Gio decided to take a more sinister approach and I think you’re going to love it. The photographer rigged up a new sex chair that Cherise was shackled to and it was a damn clever idea. First the whore was made to sit on it and then her hands were locked into the shackles to prevent them from blocking any of the throat fucking action. This also meant that when she puked, it went all over her and there was not a damn thing she could do about it. Think about it, Cherise isn’t the type that misses many meals which means her belly is always full and when it empties, there’s epic amounts of vomit. After the face fucking, it was time for Pauly and Gio to get creative and they did. While pounding her ebony cunt, they put one of her fishnet stockings over her face which from this point forward will be known as ‘The Ham Face’. Once they were done tearing up her pussy, they shot their loads all over the ham face.

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Gia Paige

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Gia Paige isn’t just a first timer for, this is her first ever porn. The most risky thing she’s done before is some nude modelling and now she’s here. Just look at her, she doesn’t look like the other whores who get face fucked. I’m not sure how or why she decided to go from posing nude to being smacked around, spit on and humiliated to the extreme. However, it made for an emotionally intense scene, but she didn’t give up. Instead this teary eyed whore kept right on going. She kept pounding the cock back like it was 2 for 1 shot night at the bar while she was crying. Then she had her tiny pink cunt destroyed by a huge dick. With all the slaps her ass received, it turned as red as a tomato. With every degrading act you can watch as this innocent girls soul is destroyed. It’s so hardcore that it’ll burn the images into your mind for the rest of your life. You’re going to love this scene.

Watch As Gia Paige Loses Her Innocence

Laina Love

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Meet Laina Love it’s her first time on Ghetto Gaggers. She doesn’t have much when it comes to the looks department however, she has gigantic natural tits. Laina is also a whore who is down to try anything at least once which is perfect for GG. This hoodrat had white cocks shoved down her black throat pounding the fuck out of it and she took it like a pro. Yes this cunt loves having her face fucked and could probably endure it all day. Things started to get somewhat strange when it came time to have the white shlong pound her ebony slit. I guess some event came back to her and it wasn’t a pleasant one because she looked like she wanted to run out the door. That didn’t stop the guys from pounding her pussy and ass. In fact while one dick was in her cunt there was another stretching her anus for her first ever double penetration. Having loads of cum on her face took her to another emotional level. Even though this ghetto whore can hadle being face fucked, she won’t make it in the porn world.

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Metal Kitty 3

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Metal Kitty is back on for her third time. This whore knows the drill and what’s expected of her, but today was a special day. Today this petite slut was pushed to extreme limits and I mean extreme. It all started with the interview. Yeah, we got caught up on her life, but it was more interesting by asking her certain questions and having her spill her guts. After this came the face fuck and it was intense as fuck. If you put her last two scenes together, this time around is way more messier. One of the things she let slip is that she’s completely weirded out by spit. HA stupid whore shouldn’t have let that info get out, just wait until you see what the guys do with that knowledge. Metal Kitty didn’t just take a dick in her pussy and up her ass, she did it both at the same time. You know it’s a good day when there’s double penetration.

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Blair 2

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Blair has returned to Ghetto Gaggers and she’s just as much of a cunt as she was last time. However, there’s two sides to this hoodrat sort of like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. When the cameras not rolling, she’s a huge cunt and when they’re on, she does her job without complaints while hating every second of it. Hey, at least the whore knows what she has to do to get her money. So this time around the intensity was taken up another level just like it always is. The cocks were shoved down her food hatchet until the contents of her stomach erupted and came flying out. She tried to hold the puke down for as long as possible but she was no match for the throat fucking. The guys spit on her face, slapped her around and then emptied their loads on her face. Blair’s not a fan of the white cum on her face and couldn’t wait for the scene to end so she could run to the bathroom to wash it all off.

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