Kendra Kole

Meet Kendra Kole, a petite whore with perky tits and a tight pussy who has decided to be a whore just like the mother she despises even though she’s a carbon copy of her. While her mom was busy blowing truckers at rest stops, her dad gave her a good life. I’m not sure why she’s shooting for Face Fucking, but I’m glad she is. This little slut barely weighs 100 pounds and it’s not an easy task for her to fit the massive hard cocks down her throat, but the dick was forced in there alright. This tiny thing can really take a pounding!

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Stella Leigh

Stella Leigh is an older whore who has managed to keep her body in ok shape. It’s probably due to her diet of eating cum for all daily meals. Today on Sperm Suckers she get’s to swallow even more. It’s a good thing this broad likes the cock. Stella doesn’t seem to have a gag reflex, she didn’t even flinch when a big dick was thrust down her throat. She also excels at maintaining eye contact as she slobs away on a knob. When this whores lips are around a fat schlong, it makes her piercing green eyes even prettier.

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Tiffany Tailor

Tiffany Tailor is a straight up snobby cunt. Today on Ghetto Gaggers, the hot slut is taken down a notch. Tiffany is the type of girl that you see on GG, but can’t believe she isn’t an advertising scheme. It’s bitches like her that they that just because they’re pretty, all they have to do is show up and they’ll be paid. Everyone knows that’s not how it works here. Tiffany’s lesson in being humble started with some nice hard slaps to the face. The harder the slap, the better the pace is set. Next on the list was face fucking with stiff white dicks shoved down her throat until she puked. This serves to not only put the whore in her place, but to humiliate her at the same time. Then there’s the cocks pounding her cunt so hard it hurts. It is this that devastates them and furthers the demeaning of their souls. To finish, her pretty little face was covered in semen. It’s the facial that completely breaks them and makes them feel like empty souls. Tiffany learned a lot today and deserved everything she got.

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Naomi Clark

Meet the latest Face Fucking whore, Naomi Clark. She’s only shooting for to make enough money to haul her petite ass to Florida. This broad weighs in around 100 pounds and has some big natural D size tits. Her huge boobs are awesome. Anyhow lets get back to why this whore is here…money. Man did the guys make this cunt earn it. She enjoyed being insulted and humiliated so much that she cried from start to finish. Apparently this whore has some deep issues she chose not to share. Hell, she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t have any. She did her job and took giant dicks deep and hard better than the whores twice her size.

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Jade Blaze

Don’t let the name Jade Blaze fool you, this hoodrat is NOT a superhero. The only thing super about this recently turned 18 year old is her lack of self esteem. Hence the reason she’s on Ghetto Gaggers. This ghetto whore is nothing to look at, there’s nothing great about her looks or her body. Just look at her hair for crying out loud, it looks as though she stuck her finger in a bloody light socket before showing up on the set. Her body also gives off a smell that can’t even be described or maybe it’s eau de fried whore? No matter what it, it’s not pleasant. This hoodrat may only be 18, but she has sexual experience beyond her years which in reality is sad. Oh well, not my problem. The guys really had fun humiliating this slut. They fucked her in whatever hole they wanted and whatever way they wanted and then covered her ogre face in cum.

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Nikki Chase

Nikki Chase has apparently been doing porn off and on well that’s according to her. Truthfully, I’ve never heard of this whore. Well today her luck changes because as you know being on FaceFucking can make you a star. Don’t believe me? Ask that Duke student feminist slut, Belle Knox. You’re Welcome! So Nikki does have a good thing going for her, she’s professional when it comes down to it. She showed up ready to work hard for her money and didn’t bitch and moan about it. This skank was excellent when it came time for the cocks forced down her throat gagging her until she puked. She took a pussy pounding nicely too even though she prefers anal. For that reason her tiny asshole was mangled by giant dicks and she loved it!

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Naomi Jhe’ne

Naomi Jhe’ne is an inexperienced first timer on Ghetto Gaggers. Today she was made to try new things such as being slapped, spit on, and face fucked. It was also her first time being with two guys at the same time. Naomi is so sexually inexperienced that she’s never even had a facial. That’s right, she’s never had a guy shoot his load of cum onto her face. Due to this, she doesn’t get to pass Go and collect $200, she get’s to go straight to Ghetto Gaggers jail. What better way to teach this whore about sex by unleashing some hell on her in a cell. This sluts petite body was pushed to the limits by hard white dicks that annihilated her throat for her first face fucking. Her tight cunt was then pounded and stretched to maximum capacity. As a finale, the guys covered her ebony face in their thick white cum.

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Camille Black

Camille Black may have a Betty Page hairstyle, but that’s about all they have in common. She’s definitely not an iconic model like Betty Page, she’s nothing but some dumb whore sucking dick on During her interview she confessed that one of her exes once smash an XBox One into her face. Quite frankly I don’t blame the dude at all. After spending mere moments with this skank, I could clearly see as to reasons for doing it. The good thing about Camille is that she knows how to be a good slut. When it came time for her to take cocks shoved down her throat, she did so obediently. There’s no doubt this pig has had practice being face fucked because she can do so easily. Basically this whore is up for anything including anal and the guys made her asshole gape.

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Nicki B 2

Nicki B is back on Ghetto Gaggers. The first time this whore was here, she was paired up with Gio. Today for a special treat she was paired up with not only Gio, but also Pauly Harker. This scene is definitely more extreme than her last one. This hoodrat has been practicing to be a good submissive whore and you can see that her hard work paid off. She uses her new skills extremely well as she gobbled down hard white dicks and she took punishing smacks to her face without any complaints. A word of warning, Nicki is a screamer so you may want to turn the volume down while she has her ebony pussy pounded.

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Lola Vaughn

When Lola Vaughn showed up for her Face Fucking shoot, I thought for sure she’d nail it. That’s not the case though as this whore couldn’t handle the heat and had to get out of the kitchen. Yes, this slut tapped the fuck out right after her throat was slammed by both guys. The scene wasn’t a total waste because not only did she puke up some neon liquid, you can see the misery in her face. Her going away present was loads of cum all over her pretty face.

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