Nicki Blue

Nicki Blue made it in to Facial Abuse by telling the booking agent that she was some type of a porn star. Ok well the cunt was given the benefit of the doubt however after watching her for a mere minutes, you can see she has no type of skills that a porn star would need. She had no enthusiasm what-so-ever. Seriously, a god damn rock rock has more than she does. The only thing that stopped Nicki Blue from being booted out on her ass was the fact that she’s a completely submissive whore. Yes, if you say jump, this slut will ask you how high? This also kind of makes up for the fact that she won’t look good while she’s obeying your orders. Nicki has apparently had a rough life and has gone through some tough times. She tells about all her issues and sometimes the stories are full of shame and others just clearly show how stupid this broad truly is.

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Evey Lavo

Evey Lavo may be pretty to look at, but talking to this whore will make you want to slit your own throat. She’s such a dunce that she couldn’t even graduate from high school so it’s a good thing that porn doesn’t require a brain. However, this skank lacks those too and lied to get this Latina Abuse gig. According to her she knows how to take a throat fucking, anal, double penetration, etc when she could barely get a dick in her mouth. That didn’t stop the guy’s from slapping this slut around while shoving their cocks down her throat. I will give her credit for being able to take a hard pussy pounding and looking good while doing so. Evey even has one of those tight round asses that jiggles in just the right places while she’s riding a cock.

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Caramel Dime

Meet Caramel Dime, the black chick that has no ghetto in her at all. She’s so whitewashed she even speaks like one of those dumb white cheerleader type girls who come from the Valley. However, her being whitewashed is a bonus because she absolutely LOVES the white man meat and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for it. Caramel can take a huge cock down her throat like there’s no tomorrow and she knows she better gag on it and puke it up into the whore bowl. Drinking the vomit back up is something she’s also game for. Anal? Oh ya, this whore loves to take it up her ass and then clean her anal juices off the dick. This scene is so disgusting at points, that you may throw up yourself or blow your load right then and there if this shit gets you off. This is an awesome Ghetto Gaggers scene.

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Logan Sinns

Logan Sinns decided to come back and shoot for Facial Abuse again. In our true fashion, we made sure that her 2nd scene was more extreme than the first. We got her to do things she didn’t do in the first time like a good obedient whore. Today Logan took on two cocks at one time and they were even stuffed in her pussy together. Oh this scene is beautiful. The amount of barf that came out of this chick when a cock gagged her throat is amazing. Watching this hottie become more and more miserable will make your day.

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Jasmine Gomez

Jasmine Gomez has had a pretty shitty life so far that has seriously fucked her up. Hence the reason as to why she’s on Latina Abuse. Her ex-boyfriends cousin got her into the world of porn. Her Ex is also the one who introduced this hottie to anal and helped her practice. Now lets get on to the scene..about 10 seconds after having a dick thrusted down her throat gagging her, she pukes up an epic amount of some nasty looking shit. While being face fucked to the extreme, the tears are starting to form. Does she not know that crying won’t get her any sympathy, only more ridicule? This whore is so miserable that she cries the whole time she has a cock pumping in and out of her little snatch. By the time her mascara has totally run down her face streaking it black, she gets a huge load of jizz on her face.

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Oh for fuck sakes, the practice of allowing these ghetto bitches to pick their own porn names needs to stop ASAP. I’m sure you’re wondering why and I’m going to tell you. This conceded pig had the nerve to name herself Gorgeous when even a blind person can tell she’s anything but. She may not be downright ugly, but she’s a far cry from stunning. Basically, the only good thing about this skank is that all 3 of her holes are opened for cock. And for a bonus…this is Gorgeous’ first time having a white penis in any of her orifices. First her throat is introduced to a schlong being shoved down her throat. Next her black box was pounded hardcore. Then her asshole was plowed Ghetto Gaggers style.

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Missy Aka Belle Knox

Have you heard about the Duke University student whore involved in a porn scandal? I’m sure you’ve heard the name Missy or Belle Knox. Well let me tell you about this little skank because you can’t tell what type of whore she truly is just by looking at her. You see deep down she’s a closet freak, but also claims to be a feminist. Yes, she loves the freaky shit and she enjoys watching Facial Abuse. Why? Because her favorite part of Facial Abuse is seeing the misery in the girls eyes. I’m guessing she chose Facial Abuse to do her first porn as she was sick of only watching and wanted to participate instead. Watching Missy aka Belle Knox take a fat cock in her tiny mouth is awesome. It was at this point that you could see the misery in her eyes as her innocence was taken away. As this scene goes on and she’s gagged, slapped, fucked and more, it becomes even more awesome. There’s something about making a feminist shut the fuck up using a cock that is a huge turn on. Thanks Duke for making your tuition so high that these bitches have to resort to being humiliated to make a penny to pay tuition with.

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Jayla Foxx

ghetto-gaggers-jayla-foxxClick Here to see Jayla Foxx at Ghetto Gaggers

Jayla Foxx answered one of our internet ads and came in to shoot for Ghetto Gaggers.  The pre-interview was going well until some fucking jackass kept blowing up her phone.  I can tell she was embarrassed because she kept looking at me while some male voice screamed at the top of his lungs on the other end of the line.  I politely got up from my chair and told her, “I’m going to go get a cup of coffee.  When I get back, either the phone is off or you’re going out the FUCKING WINDOW HEAD FIRST!!!”  I then made her flinch so she knows it wasn’t a joke.

When I returned, her phone was hidden and she was sitting pretty.  I then proceeded to the next step of the interview.  I told her to get undressed so I can critique her body.  She did… but I wish she hadn’t.  She looked pretty tight while wearing clothes, but as soon as she got naked, the ugliness reared it head.

I asked her when the last time she did some sit-ups were.  She got all sassy and said, “Honey… I do my crunches every day.”

I replied, “The only thing you’re crunching is Nestle.”

She didn’t get the joke, but Red was laughing his ass off… so I got out of my seat and walked over and gave him a high five.

Then, I commented on how her two front teeth remind me of a cross between a beaver and Michael Strahan from the NY Giants.  They were bucked the fuck out and gapped.  To amuse myself, I made her eat an apple while I continued to interview her.  I literally sat in amazement as her chompers worked all the way down to the core.  Fuck… I should have had her build me a dam or something.

Anyway, I ended up giving her the gig because she seemed like a real pig.  But honestly… the real reason I wanted to film her was so that she actually followed through with cheating on her boyfriend or whatever.  I’d hate for her to chicken out and go home faithful… not that I doubt she really is.  But I just couldn’t sleep at night knowing I didn’t do my part at destroying another ghetto relationship.


– Duke Skywalker

Sophie Ryan

facial-abuse-sophie-ryanClick Here to see Sophie Ryan at Facial Abuse

As I’m sure most of you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting as much lately.  I had to take care of some shit that’s really none of your business.  I had to lay low for a while to let some shit pass over.  It’s all good now, though… thanks for asking.

Anyway, what a nice treat to come back to.  Red picked up this sweet piece of ass and convinced her to do a shoot for Facial Abuse.  I don’t know what kind of magical bullshit he whispered in her ear, but whatever it was… it worked.  Fucking Red, man… girls are always falling in love with him… even after he cracks them across the jaw a few times.  The good guys (like me) always finish last.

Anyway, onto Sophie Ryan.  I’m happy with her look.  She’s clean cut, had her nails done nicely and looked presentable.  She wasn’t like the other street trash that finds their way in the studio from time to time.  Sophie is the kind of whore that makes me proud to be a pornographer.

I unleashed Red and Bootleg on her for the shoot.  Part of her hated it, but I think another part of her really enjoyed it.  That part was probably her cunt because Red tore it up.  I think Bootleg just grossed her out because she was constantly locking eyes with Red.  You guys know me… I can’t turn Facial Abuse into some sort of love making site so I turned off the camera and told Sophie that if she keeps making goo-goo eyes with Red, I’m going to punch both of hers.

Business as usual… I’m back, baby!


– Duke Skywalker